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My Artwork 

Angelic Remnants

Ceramic forms, hand-built from earthenware and smoke-fired using natural minerals and materials. I called them, 'Angelic Remnants' as they feel as though they have risen through the ashes and taken on new life. I am interested in the figurative space in-between the sculptures and the relationship they have to each other. Evoking gestural compositions, creating their own language.

Communal Bones

'Communal Bones' are a ceramic installation of evocative sculptures that mirror internal body shapes and forms. They are hand built from earthenware with a high fired glaze. I was interested in looking at the human body from within.

In Flight

Ceramic forms inspired by gestural movements of birds in flight. Earthenware clay, hand built with a high fired glaze.

Into The Midst

Natural pigment on canvas.

Light Walkers

A land art installation using found objects interacting with the landscape and light.


Ceramic moquettes of figural forms, playing with space and emotive compositions.

New Horizons

'New Horizons' An art book printed onto collage and tracing paper. A series of mono print experiments combing, collage and text.

Poem by Victoria Katharine - 'Swirling, scattered like the wind, howling like a wolf. Pulsing like a siren, to the sound of drums. Dancing through the trees, in circles, like the sky, whispers. A new horizon.

Palm Pots

A series of hand made 'Palm Pots' made from clay I sourced locally from the ground and smoke fired. Each pot holds remnants of the earth within it and allows you to hold it in the palm on ones hand. Experiments for a larger series.

Print Series - Untitled

Lino printing

Salvation Mountain

Natural Pigment on canvas with bronze powder. 'Salvation Mountain' is an image taken from a significant dream.

The dream was of an inner city on the move in the middle of the desert. Horses in amour, soldiers and families were on the move, walking around a pyramid moving in an inward spiral. The feelings in the dream were fear, concern, compassion and awe. I looked up the meaning of awe in the dictionary and it said 'a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder.' This was my feeling both around the painting and the dream.

Smoke Fired Vessels - 'Moon Pots'

Ceramic pots and vessels. Hand-built from earthenware and smoke-fired using natural minerals and materials. Each one with a completely unique surface texture and surface. The smaller pots are a series of small hand held 'Moon Pots' resembling otherworldly landscapes.

The Embrace

Natural Pigment on canvas with bronze powder. 'The Embrace' is the start of a small series that I have begun capturing the tender moments in our lives. The theme for these is around self love and how compassion creates space for growth and expansion.

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