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Studio Sessions

You can now join 'Studio Sessions' and work one-to-one with me in the art-making process. We will customize creative and therapeutic exercises to suit your needs. Although it's not art therapy, we will work together in a safe and held space to guide the creative process around you. Whether you're an artist or looking to explore your creative side, this is the perfect opportunity for you.






Therapeutic and Creative benefits using Expressive Arts

  • Relaxation - Moving into the senses using the arts can be balancing for your nervous system. 

  • Assimilation - The arts can often bring up past challenging memories and emotions, working with them in a safe way can help us integrate them into our present experience which can offer healing.  

  • Wellbeing - We thrive off having our felt experiences being seen by others. 

  • Time - Allowing permission in one aspect in your life has a way to offer itself in others. 

  • Ownership & PermissionsDevelop or begin a creative practice building a muscle for you to have resilience and move through creative ruts.

  • Authenticity - Practising a ‘beginners mind’ helps to keep your work close to your true expression.

  • Inspiration - Gain new ideas, find what attracts you and challenge yourself to explore. Exploring new techniques and mediums helps break out of routine patterns in your practice.

One to One / Art Psychotherapy 

If you are interested in one to one Art Therapy, I will be able to take client's as a trainee from December 2024. This will be under supervision from my MA in Integrative Art Psychotherapy training at IATE Institute. I will be working under full professional supervision and ethical guidelines governed by BCAP and UKCP. 


As a trainee, I can offer weekly sessions at a reduced rate locally in Hay on Wye. 


Please get in touch via the contact form for more information if you would be interested and to join my waiting list.

Let’s Work Together

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