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'Art Through The Senses'

Welcome! You found your way here. 

Creative and therapeutic offerings to enhance your creative practice. Join a workshop, retreat or work one to one. 

'I draw inspiration from books that have inspired me such as 'The Artist's Way', 'Women Who Run With The Wolves' and 'Art as Medicine' to name a few. ​I incorporate these teachings into my workshops and online sessions. I also bring my training in Expressive Arts and Integrative Arts Psychotherapy which focuses on process and authenticity, valuing expression over technique.


Hi, I'm Victoria!
It's good to have you here.  

I'm an Artist and Expressive Arts Facilitator, working from my home studio, in Hay on Wye. I am currently training in London for my MA in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy. I run creative and therapeutic workshops locally and very soon, online! 

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Studio Sessions

You can now join 'Studio Sessions' and work one-to-one with me in the art-making process. We will customize creative and therapeutic exercises to suit your needs. Although it's not art therapy, we will work together in a safe and held space to guide the creative process around you. Whether you're an artist or looking to explore your creative side, this is the perfect opportunity for you.






Workshops & Offerings

Georgiana / 19/11/23

'Today was so absolutely lovely. I really loved the music, the delicious bliss balls, the lovely setup with candles and the way you led us into the dreams work with meditation and movement was perfect. It was very healing and insightful for me. Thank you Vic!'

Rachel / 19/11/23

‘The Movement of Dreams’ workshop with Victoria was a truly expansive experience. Victoria was so gentle in her facilitation yet still managed to create a container that felt entirely held, supported and safe. Through this, we were able to dive deep into our psyche to swim in the subconscious soup of our dreamworld. Victoria guided us through a series of different exercises, each carefully curated to help us unfold another piece of our expression. I particularly enjoyed the movement exercise, where we were encouraged to embody an element of the dream we were working with. The workshop was a really dynamic and easeful introduction to expressive arts, and having such a skilled, intuitive and warm facilitator helped massively with easing any resistance or nervousness. I would strongly recommend working with Victoria if you are looking to get further in touch with your creative side.'
'I attended Victoria's 'movement of dreams' painting and poetry workshop in November. The workshop surpassed my expectations, and is by far the best creative workshop I've attended. It was thoughtfully and beautifully planned and led by Victoria, and I can't wait to attend the next one!'

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